The YBlog is the standard map interface for every individual YB Tracker. The YBlog displays your most recent position and historic tracks allowing you to share your adventures, expeditions and voyages with your family, friends and everyone else in the world!

Key Features

The YBlog:

  • Is included with all individual YB3 or YB3i devices.
  • Displays your current position and Tracks/Events. A Track is the series of positions collected over a particular time period. An Event is defined as a segment on a particular Track.
  • Allows you to get Latitude / Longitude and other details about your position.
  • Can be accessed by your unique YBlog URL or embedded into an existing blog or website.
  • Allows you to add blog articles either via the YBlog back-end, your YB Connect app or email.
  • Allows you to add pictures to accompany your blog articles via the YBlog admin or by email.

How it Works

When you first receive your YB3/YB3i, a registration card will be included in the box. Simply follow the instructions on the card, and within minutes you will have your own custom YBlog set up and ready to track your event/trip.

Your YBlog also acts as the admin area, where you can add Line Rental and Credits to your account.

You can set up your YBlog easily and quickly. Nevertheless, should you have any trouble at all, we're here to help!

Example YBlog

An example YBlog is shown below:


YBlog - Example

The left of the screen features YBlog entries, content and images.
The right of the screen features a YBlog map denoting your current position and track/event.