Power and Communication


The RockFLEET is designed to be attached to mains power for most of the time. However, the device also features an internal rechargeable battery that's used should external power be lost. Battery life depends on how the RockFLEET is configured (Report Frequency, GPS modes etc.). Please check Battery Life Expectations for this data.

To attach the device to mains power, simply wire the positive and negative cores of the cable into your power supply. The device will run on any voltage between 8V and 32V. It will draw a maximum of about 700mA under normal operation.

If you intend to fuse the circuit we would suggest fitting a 2A fuse, which allows for extra power used by the GSM module (if you have that option installed).

Input voltageDC (8-32V)
Power consumption700mA max at 12V, plus very low current sleep mode (<30mA)


Iridium Modem9602 Short Burst Transceiver
Iridium AntennaMaxtena 1621 patch antenna

Product Options

GSM, serial communications, Bluetooth LE 9-30V power input, various mounting bracket options