For information about the tracking features that are available for the RockSTAR/YB3, see our general Tracking Documentation.


This option allows you to toggle automatic tracking on/off.

When Tracking Status is set to On, the device will automatically obtain a GPS fix and transmit it at the Report Frequency. Messages are sent/received automatically in the same way.

With Tracking Status is set to Off, you can still send a Manual Report, send Alerts as well as send/receive Messages using a manual Mailbox Check.

Manual Report

Choosing this option will prompt the device to immediately obtain and transmit a Manual Report i.e., a GPS fix on your position.

This function is also possible from the home screen, by pressing/holding the UP button for 2 seconds. Using this method, and while the UP button is still pressed, a countdown timer will appear and countdown from four seconds. A manual report will then be send when the timer hits 0.

Report Freq

Your Report Frequency can be viewed and set here. Options range from Continuous, which will send reports as quickly as possible, to 24-hours, allowing for 1 automatic report per day. Burst Mode is also available.

Burst Settings

To set Burst Mode, choose Burst Settings in the Tracking \ Burst Settings menu. Here you can choose how often you wish to take a fix (Burst Fix) and how often you wish to transmit (Burst Transmit).



Burst Mode will use power more quickly than other tracking modes, since GPS is kept on all of the time.

Distress Settings

EMERGENCY MODE is enabled by pressing the red Alert Button on your RockSTAR/YB3 or activating some of the alerts in the Alerts Menu.


Not all alerts put device in Emergency Mode.

Emergency mode is triggered in Timer Alerts, Deadman's Switch and via the Alert Button.

You can specify a different Report Frequency when in Emergency Mode. To do so, select Tracking > Distress Settings from the menu and specify:

  • Report Frequency
  • Burst Fix
  • Burst Transmit

The Burst Fix and Burst Transmit settings are put into effect only when selecting Burst Mode option during Emergency Mode. This is done by:

  1. Setting Tracking > Distress Settings > Report Frequency to Burst
  2. Define your Tracking > Distress Settings > Burst Fix and Burst Transmit parameters.


Activity Sense

For more information on Activity Sense, see Tracking Basics and Tracking and Alerts.

Log to File

For more information about GPS logging, click here.

GPS Quality

For more information on GPS Quality, see Power Options and GPS Settings.

GPS Fixes

For more information on GPS Fixes, see Power Options and GPS Settings .

Early Wakeup

By default, RockSTAR/YB3 will wake up 20 seconds before transmitting a Position Report, so that a GPS fix can be established. Early Wakeup time options range from 20 seconds to four minutes, increasing the time decreases your unit's battery life.

For more information about GPS Options see here.


For more information on GPS Hot, see Power Options and GPS Settings.


Tracking positions can be sent in both traditional and compact (ex. no altitude data) formats. Only change this on advice from your account manager. More information can be found here.

Time Offset

Sets the number of hours offset from UTC.