Adding and Editing Core Users

Contact Book

Your Core account is set up with a single Admin user, but you can add and edit various types of Core users (called contacts) once you have logged into your account.

To add or edit contacts, you'll need to click on the cog next to your account name and select Contact Book.


Contact Book - Menu

The list of contacts currently associated with your account will be listed here.


Contact Book - Contacts

To edit a contact, press the 'Pen' icon. To create a contact, press the "Create Contact" button on the bottom left of your screen. Both will take you to a similar window where you can edit/create contacts.

To remove a contact, press on the 'x' button to the right of the 'Pen' button.


Contact Book - Edit Contact

Once in the Contact Book screen, the following values can be entered.

  • Name - A general account name (not a login username). This name will be referenced when setting up the contact as a First Responder
  • Email - The contact's email. When the contact is defined as a First Responder, alerts will be sent to this email.
  • Send Alerts to Email? - Specifies whether first responder alerts will be sent to this email.
  • Mobile - The contact's mobile phone number. SMS alerts will be sent to this number.
  • Send Alerts to Mobile? - Specifies whether first responder alerts will be send to this number.
  • Time Zone - Specifies the time zone that the contact is in. The Iridium network uses UTC time by default, but Core Alerts can be shown on the Tools Panel in the time zone specified above.
  • Associated Device - Unless instructed to, please leave this blank. This specifies a MT device (RockSTAR/YB3, RockFLEET/YB3i, RockAIR) that will also receive a group Alert or Alert Cancel. This device must be in the same group in order for this feature to work.
  • Send alerts to Device? - Specifies whether alert messages are sent to this device.

Login Options

  • Login - A login name for your account - Use only letters or numbers. Do not use spaces.
  • Confirm new password - Enter the contact's new password here.
  • New Password (Confirm) - Confirm the contact's new password here.
  • Type - The account type. See table below for more information.
  • Silent Screen Alerts? - Your account's audible alerts can be toggled on/off with this option.

App Settings

  • Keyword - The keyword controls the CONNECT app behaviour and should always be set as your username.

Account Types

The following table briefly explains the hierarchy of accounts found in the Core.

Account NameDescription
Account AdministratorCan administer and manage the entire account, including billing, and remotely configure advance device options.
Account Administrator (Basic)Can administer and manage the entire account, including billing, but cannot remotely configure advanced device options.
Advanced OperatorCan manage trackers, groups, and remotely configure units.
CONNECT UserSpecial User Type for CONNECT App use.
Messaging OperatorCan view positions, and send/receive messages from units.
Normal OperatorCan view positions from units.
Public View OnlyCan only see password protected public views.

Each of the aforementioned account type can see/administer the following Core functions.


The Core - Account Types