Creating/Managing Groups

The Core is arranged in a hierachy, with accounts being the top level.

When you log into the Core, you are presented with the groups and trackers under your account. Groups are a convenient way to keep your trackers organised, and you can customise the name of each group/subgroup to suit your needs.

You can have one or more groups, and inside each group you can have one or more subgroups and/or trackers. A tracker can also be part of one or more groups, if you wish.

To create a group, select the cog on the right of your account name and then choose Add Group.


Add Group

You will be asked what you'd like to name your new group.


Enter Group Name

Enter the desired group name in the text box provided, ex. "MyNewGroup". This group will then be added to the list of groups on the control panel on the left of the screen.


Avoid using non-standard characters when naming groups.

Name your groups with characters A-Z and numbers 1-9

Creating/Managing Subgroups

Clicking on the cog next to a group and selecting Add SubGroup will create a new subgroup.


Groups with subgroups

Editing Groups/Subgroups

You can edit Group/Subgroup information by selecting Edit Group.


Edit groups/subgroups with the Edit Group menu

The following Group/Subgroup information can be edited.


Group/Subgroup information

Group DataDescription
Group nameThe group/subgroup name
Time ZoneCan be changed from UTC (Default) to any other time zone.
Generate AlertsSelects whether Alerts should be generated for members in this group.

Cloning Groups

Groups/subgroups can be cloned by selecting Clone Group.


Clone Group Menu

This will create a new group/subgroup that uses the same name of the group/subgroup being cloned, but adds a "-copy" extension at the end of the name as shown below.


Cloned Group

A cloned group can later be edited and renamed.

Moving Groups

You can't move groups - when you create a new group, it is added alphabetically to the list of existing groups.


Adding a New Group

You can, though, move groups into other groups, making them subgroups. For instance, let's move MyNewGroup.


Move Group Menu

Choose the new group you'd like to move it into (now highlighted in Green) and click on "Move Group MyNewGroup Here". If you'd like to cancel your move, choose cancel move.


Move your group into the desired subgroup.



You can only cancel a move. Undoing a move after it has been completed is not possible.