Advanced Menu

The featured found in the Advanced menu should only be adjusted under instruction from a member of support staff or following specific instructions.



We will not be held responsible for any additional charges incurred or problems caused if you adjust these settings without advisement.

Connect USB

This feature is used to connect your RockSTAR to your PC/Mac via USB. The unit will then appear as a USB drive, and you can then transfer firmware updates or configuration files to the unit. Do not use this without following instructions.


Your Device's MAC address.


Your Device's Firmware Version.


Your Device's Serial Number. Use this number when referencing your unit.

Mail Checking

If Automatic Tracking is turned off, you can check for incoming mail messages by setting Inbox Checking to ON and setting an Check Frequency. See here for more information on Mail Checking.

Activity Sense

For more information on Activity Sense, see Tracking Basics and Tracking and Alerts.

Log to File

You can log position data onto a .CSV file in the Log to File menu.
There you can turn logging on/off, set the Logging Frequency or create a new Log File Segment.

CSV headersExplaination
latitudeLatitude in decimal degrees
longitudeLongitude in decimal degrees
elevationElevation in meters
dateDate in form YYYY-MM-DD
timeTime in form hh:mm:ss
cogCourse over Ground in degrees
sogSpeed over Ground in Knots
dopPosition Dilution of Precision

GPS Quality

For more information on GPS Quality, see Power Options and GPS Settings.

GPS Fixes

For more information on GPS Fixes, see Power Options and GPS Settings .


For more information on GPS Hot, see Power Options and GPS Settings.

Beacon and Polyfences

Beacon and Polyfences options available for specialised applications and are not relevant for users unless specifically mentioned. Leave these options in their default values.


Select the kind of notifications you will receive on the RockSTAR.

  • Audible - An audible alert sounds when you receive a notification
  • Visual - A visual alert is shown on the screen when you receive a notification
  • Both - Shows both Audible and Visual alerts when receiving a notification


For more information on external power options, see Power Options in Power Options and GPS Settings.


Tracking positions can be sent in both traditional and compact (ex. no altitude data) formats. Only change this on advice from your account manager.

Time Offset

Sets the number of hours offset from UTC.


Only change this on advice from your account manager.


Any device errors will be listen inside this menu.

Install Updates

Install Updates will install an update file has been copied into the RockSTAR's internal drive. For more information about installing updates, see Upgrading Firmware .

Factory Reset

Returns your RockSTAR to factory settings.

Deactivation/Turning Off

The RockSTAR cannot be turned off completely, but can be deactivated – much like a standby mode for your TV. The device can be deactivated by choosing 'Deactivate' from the menu and then pressing OK to confirm.