Key Functionality


The RockAIR can automatically transmit a GPS position as often as once every 15 seconds, or as slowly as once every 24 hours. The device also allows tracking profiles to be set up for:

  • Different report frequency rates
  • Different geo-fenced areas
  • Changes in behaviour (e.g. following an Alert button press, if external power is lost)
  • Separate GSM or Iridium transmission profiles

By default, the RockAIR uses GSM networks when they're available and will switch to Iridium only when necessary.

Backup Battery

The RockAIR can be powered using the built-in Li-Ion Polymer battery, and will operate
for up to 8 hours on a single full charge, when transmitting each minute.

Waypoint Marking

The RockAIR allows you to mark an unlimited number of waypoints that belong to up to four user-defined categories (Ex. geographical, industrial etc.)

2-Way Messaging

The RockAIR connects to your smartphone or tablet via the RockCONNECT app. Use RockCONNECT to:

  • Send/receive text messages from cell phones
  • Send/receive short email messages from any email address
  • Send/receive text messages from HQ via the Core

Watch Me and Alerting

The dedicated Watch Me button informs HQ that you would like to be more actively monitored for a period of time, giving additional peace of mind to pilots/drivers.

The dedicated Alert button notifies your first responders with a message and your precise location.

Watch Me and Alert modes can be automatically set up following:

  • Engine start/stop
  • Loss of power
  • Oil pressure
  • Taxiing/landing
  • Collisions
  • Exceedance of flight parameters
  • Device startup/shutdown

Any detectable event that can be communicated through to the RockAIR's digital inputs can be included.


Each second, position data and diagnostic information are saved to a MicroSD card. This information can be accessed once your unit has returned to base.

Inputs and Sensors

The RockAIR features:

  • A RS-232 serial input for M2M/IoT usage
  • 5 Digital inputs
  • GPS, accelerometer and thermometer, power loss and impact sensors.

The serial port of the RockAIR allows you to connect your own equipment and use the device to send/receive your own customised data and messages. Please refer to the Serial API documentation for more information, and also to your provider who will be able to guide you in the correct way to use this feature.

Data Delivery and Configuration

Data from RockAIR can either be delivered to the Core or sent to your own web service as a simple HTTP POST. You can also remotely configure the device in the same way. The message is queued on the satellite network almost instantly, ready for RockAIR to download, on your command.