The Alert Button

The Alert button is located under the flap at the bottom of the RockSTAR unit as shown in the picture below.

To trigger an alert, lift the flap and hold down the Alert button for 5 seconds. The screen will display Sending Alert and the device will try to transmit an alert message.

If you are in an alert situation, ensure that you give your alert the best possible chance of sending by considering the orientation of the device. Ensure it has a good view of the sky, or as good a view as is possible. The better the view of the sky, the more likely it is that your alert will be received.


The Alert Button

The device will then go into Emergency Mode and use Distress settings until an Alert Cancel is sent.

To do so, go to Alerts / Send Alert Cancel. An Alert Cancel message will be sent to the Core and to First Responders while device operation will resume normally.