Contact List

In the Contact List window the following information is displayed:


YBlog - Contacts

The contact list allows you to define a set of First Responders that you can exchange messages with and send alerts to.

  • Name: Your contact's name.
  • Email: Your contact's email.
  • Telephone: Your contact's cellular telephone.
  • Send Alerts: Select to automatically send Alerts generated by tracker.
  • Forward Messages: Select to send Alert messages generated by tracker to this user.

Telephone numbers must include the country and area codes to work in our system, spaces and + signs must also be removed.

Using the YB3, users can send a message to everyone on this list simply by selecting "Preset Group" from the message menu.

When messaging via YB Connect, contacts can be selected from your Android/iOS contacts - they don't need to be added to the YBlog's contact list.