The RockAIR is equipped with both Iridium/GPS and GSM antennae located on the top of the device's casing. That's why, to ensure a good satellite signal, the RockAIR should be upright, with a clear line of sight of the sky.

The typical mounting position for the RockAIR is on the dashboard of your aircraft/vehicle, allowing clear line of sight with the sky through the visor/windshield - mounting on a flat surface is recommended.

Examples of obstructions include large objects above the RockAIR (metal/carbon-fibre), or anything which creates a visible blockage between the top of the RockAIR casing and the sky.


RockAIR in Helicopter - An example of a good mounting position in a helicopter, showing a clear view of the sky through the windshield.

If you are unable to position the unit anywhere that affords a clear line of sight with the sky, you may wish to consider installing the external antennae kit - please discuss this with your account manager, ideally before purchase.

Once switched on, your device will try to obtain a GPS signal. The time taken to obtain a signal will vary from few minutes, when the device has never been used or not been used for a while, to a few seconds when the device is regularly used.

Attaching and Detaching the RockAIR

When the mounting clip has been installed at a suitable location:

Attach RockAIR

Align left-hand side of your RockAIR with the mounting clip and push the right hand side until the device clicks into place.

Detach RockAIR

Push the right clip away from the RockAIR and remove the device.