Bluetooth Menu

Regardless of whether your RockSTAR device is a Standard, Professional or Corporate model, it will have Bluetooth LE 4.0

Turn Bluetooth ON/OFF

Go to the Bluetooth option in the main menu and select either

  • Off - Bluetooth is turned permanently off.
  • App - Bluetooth is turned on for use with the CONNECT App.
  • I Beacon - Reserved
  • Proximity - Reserved
  • Heart Rate - Reserved


Reserved Features

The iBeacon, Proximity and Heart Rate features are implemented for and used by a very small number of our customers.

The appropriate Bluetooth setting for most customers is 'App'.

To conserve battery, Bluetooth is turned off on the device by default.

Depending on the Bluetooth accessories and sensors you have purchased, you may have other options on this menu.

Android / Apple iOS Software

The CONNECT app is available from the Android/Apple stores. The app allows you to configure your device settings, as well as to send/receive short text based emails and SMS messages.


The RockSTAR Connect App



You will receive an email address for your ‘app’ which is different from your ‘device’ email address. This is because multiple people can use the same device with their own app, and so each ‘app’ account has to have its own specific email address.