The Interface

Immediately after login, the Core's interface will appear as below. The interface is split into three main sections:

  • On the left is the Control Panel that features your accounts, groups and trackers themselves.
  • Occupying most of your screen will be the map area, used to display tracker locations and geo objects.
  • On the right hand side of your screen, and usually hidden upon startup, is the Tools Panel.

The Core's interface

At the top-left of the interface are located a number of small icons. From left to right, these icons are:


Control Panel Menu Items

Toggle Ruler

Once activated, Ruler Mode allows you to measure a distance between two locations using a draggable set of points. Locations can either be picked on the map, or entered manually.

Reset Interface

Should you get into a mess with screens, menus, or trackers, you can click the Home button to reset the interface.

Master Event Log

The Master Event Log includes all activity for any group or tracker within your account.

Log Out

Clicking this icon will log you out of the Core and return you to the login screen.

Collapse/Show Control Panel


Show Menu

The Collapse button hides the control panel, so that the map maximises on the screen. If this button has been pressed, the control panel can be restored by pressing the Menu button that replaces the control panel on the top left of your screen.



Tracker search box

Should you be managing a large number of trackers, the search function will help you find any particular one. Search items that fit your criteria will be listed in the control panel. To show all entries, simply clear the text in the search box, and press enter again.



Search terms can be names, serial numbers, emails, even phone numbers!

Collapse/Show Tools Panel

On the top right of the screen is the Tools Panel which can be accessed by clicking on the Tools icon.


Tools Panel

The Tools icon appears when the Tools Panel is minimised. It is located on the top right of your screen.