Map Options

In the Map Options window the following information is displayed:


YBlog - Map Options

YBlog Page Title

Sets the page title that is located right next to the YB Logo on your YBlog. This will not change the URL of the web page - only the title of the YBlog in the top bar.

Time Zone

Though Iridium time is always measured in UTC, the transmission time shown on the YBlog, either on a position report or blog post, will be converted to the time zone your YBlog is set to e.g. UTC +1.

Our system also takes into account Daylight Savings Time in all countries that apply it. When the clocks are adjusted forward or backward, the YBlog will automatically adjust to the local time.

Default Map Type

This option will set the type of map displayed on the YBlog home page. You can choose from a Satellite, Road Map, or Terrain map.

Map Units

Three types of unit measurements are available:

  • Nautical (knots, nautical miles, meters (altitude))
  • Metric (km/h, kilometres, meters (altitude))
  • Statute (mph, miles, feet (altitude))

Public Password

You can password protect your YBlog to restrict access. When password protected, the home screen will display nothing but a log-in box as shown below.


YBlog (Password Protected)

If a password has been set but you no longer wish to have your YBlog password protected, you can check the Reset Public Password option and click save. This will remove the password and make your YBlog public again.

To log in to the admin area, click the Admin Login link underneath the password field and use your usual YBlog Username and Password.