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Power Options and GPS Settings

Power Options

During operation, devices use a Power Limited or a Power Unlimited mode.

  • In Power Limited mode, GPS/Iridium/GSM is turned off until the Early Wakeup time defined above. Devices are not pageable during this mode.
  • In Power Unlimited mode, GPS/Iridium/GSM stay on permanently. Devices are pageable in this mode, and any messages and/or configuration reports are received by devices as soon as they become available.
  • Unlimited+Activate mode automatically deactivates the device when external power is removed. As a safety measure the device will not be automatically deactivated unless the GPS speed is lower than 10 knots. For instance, in case power is lost during a flight we assume it is desirable for tracking to continue even though external power is not present.



  • Unlimited+Activate mode is available only in the RockAIR and RockFLEET
  • You can still set GPS Hot to On but use Power Limited Mode.
  • Setting your device to "Power Unlimited" will deplete your battery faster.

Early Wakeup

When in battery mode, a device's GPS antenna will wake up a set time before each transmission to obtain a GPS fix. In challenging conditions, or where visibility of the sky is limited, it may be required to increase the Early Wakeup time to allow the GPS to get a better fix on your position.

The Early Wakeup time ranges from the default 20 seconds to 4 minutes. Naturally, a long Early Wakeup time uses more battery than a short one.

All devices transmit ‘on the minute’ - so for example, if set to hourly transmissions, devices will try to transmit at :00 past the hour, if set to 5 minute transmissions it will try to transmit at :00, :15, :30, :45 etc.



Early Wakeup only applies to devices running on battery power. When connected to an external power source, a device will keep its GPS chip and Iridium modem powered on at all times.

GPS Quality

All devices require a certain quality of GPS fixes before they're allowed to transmit data. GPS Quality defines whether to attempt a 2D or 3D GPS fix. A 3D fix generally has more accurate altitude and horizontal data, but requires more GPS satellites to be in view. 2D fixes are used by default.

GPS Fixes

The GPS Fixes setting defines the number of consecutive good fixes that are required before a GPS fix is accepted and transmitted. The default number is 5 fixes.


When running on battery power, the GPS will, by default, turn on only during the Early Wakeup period. In some situations though, especially when travelling at speed, you may want an instant GPS fix for your manual report.

The GPS Hot setting controls whether the GPS chip is permanently on during battery-only operation. This mode will use up more battery power.



When connected to an external power source, a device will keep its GPS chip and Iridium modem Hot, i.e. powered, at all times. This enables it to maintain an accurate GPS fix more easily, and also means the device will receive messages from Iridium faster.

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Power Options and GPS Settings

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