Operation Modes, Power and GPS Settings

Power Modes

Power ModeRockSTARRockAIRRockFLEET
Limited Power Modexxx
Unlimited Power Modexxx
Auto SelectN/Axx

Limited Power Mode

In Power Limited mode, GPS/Iridium/GSM is turned off until the Early Wakeup time defined above. Devices are not pageable during this mode.


Unlimited Power / GPS HOT on Battery

  • Setting your device to "Power Unlimited" will deplete your battery faster.
  • Setting your device to "GPS Hot" will deplete your battery faster.

Unlimited Power Mode

In Power Unlimited mode, GPS/Iridium/GSM stay on permanently. Devices are pageable in this mode, and any messages and/or configuration reports are received by devices as soon as they become available.


GPS + Iridium SBD 'HOT'

In Unlimited Power mode (typically when connected to an external power source) a device will keep its GPS chip and Iridium modem HOT, i.e. powered, at all times. This enables it to maintain an accurate GPS fix more easily, and also means the device will receive messages from Iridium faster.

Unlimited + Activate

Unlimited+Activate mode automatically deactivates the device when external power is removed.


Unlimited + Activate

  • As a safety measure, the device will not be automatically deactivated unless the GPS speed remains lower than 10 knots or if no GPS fix can be established e.g. if the tracker is under a hanger roof for at least 1 minute.
  • Unlimited+Activate mode is available only in the RockAIR and RockFLEET

Auto Select Power Mode

Auto Select will use Unlimited power when external power is present or Limited power mode if it is not.

GPS Quality

GPS positions can be validated in 2D or 3D mode. For most Land or Marine applications, 2D GPS is sufficient. For Aviation we would recommend 3D mode which has enhanced resolution of elevation.

GPS Fixes

The period of time that the tracker should validate a GPS position before considering it accurate. The default is 5 seconds. We recommend that you do not change this setting unless advised to by our support team.


In some situations you may want to immediately mark a position with a manual report whilst
travelling at speed. In this sort of situation you want to be able to rely on an instant GPS fix when you
fire a manual report.
With GPS Hot turned ON, GPS is continually keeping track of your position so there is no
delay between the time you fire a manual report and the time the position is marked. This mode will
use power more quickly than other tracking modes, since GPS is kept on all of the time.