Line Rental and Credits

In order to make things more efficient and cost-effective for our customers, we have a billing scheme whereby customers only need to pay for line rental when required, rather than on an annual basis.

We also provide a way of paying for position reports, using a credit-based system. 1 credit = 1 position report. Better still, credits are shared amongst all of the trackers on your account and do not expire (unless you don't use at least one credit for a full twelve months.)


Pay only for what you use.

Rather than committing to a certain number of position reports each month, you actually only pay for what you use.

Paying for line rental and credits is carried out online, through your existing Core account. Credits vary in cost, depending on how many you buy at once – allowing you flexibility to choose the right package for your needs.


Using/Planning to use a fleet of Rock Seven products?

Ask us about our corporate packages and save on credits/line rental costs.

Should an account run out of credit, or a line rental period expire, your tracker will be temporarily deactivated. Trackers can be reactivated by simply by topping up your account with credits or extending your line rental period.

You can also automatically top-up your credits should you run out. For more information about topping up, see Setting Up Your Billing Details. Line rental needs to be extended manually by logging on to the Core.

Your billing contact will get an automatic notification by email when you need to top-up your credits and/or extend your line rental.