Transmission Format

Standard and Compact

Standard is the default transmission format.

Transmitted dataCompact (10 bytes)Standard (19 bytes)
LatitudeYes (degrees to 4 decimal places)Yes (degrees to 5 decimal places)
LongitudeYes (degrees to 4 decimal places)Yes (degrees to 5 decimal places)
Course (from GPS)NoYes
Speed (from GPS)NoYes
Resolution (CEP)NoYes
Battery %Yes (2% resolution)Yes (1% resolution)
Navigation Mode (2D/3D)NoYes

AES Encryption


Corporate Models and RockAIR Only

Please contact your provider to enquire about the use of AES encryption.

For enhanced security, all data sent from your tracking unit can be encrypted using an AES 256 key.

To enable encryption a file named 'AES.txt' containing a hex-encoded AES 256 key must be placed on the tracker's internal storage card. (See mounting or file transfer instructions for your particular tracker model.)

After the transfer and once the internal drive is unmounted, your AES key will be automatically stored and the new encryption will apply to all future data transmissions. The AES.txt file will be automatically deleted from the SD card.

RockSTAR Corporate units have an AES option in the main menu where encryption can be toggled On/Off.

AES Encryption can be completely reset by adding a blank 'AES.txt' file to the SD card.


Receiving Encrypted Data

While CORE can still be used to manage/administrate your trackers/account, encrypted data cannot be viewed from within the CORE unless you share your AES key with us.

For best results you will need to receive your encrypted data directly from Iridium, this is something our support team can help you get set up.