The advanced menu allows users to do a number of useful things with their trackers.

Advanced MenuAdvanced Menu

Advanced Menu


In case you have misplaced your RockSTAR or YB3, this option will allow you to locate it via an audible signal.

Mailbox Check

New messages are downloaded each time your unit transmits a regular position report. Optionally, a Mailbox Check can be scheduled on a regular basis if routine positions are not being transmitted.

Alternatively, you can select a manual Mailbox Check and download any new messages waiting in the queue. Mailbox Check may take some time to complete and will cost you 1 credit if there are no messages waiting.

A confirmation screen will appear before a Mailbox Check is run.

Mailbox Check ConfirmationMailbox Check Confirmation

Mailbox Check Confirmation

Send Position

Rather than waiting to send your next scheduled position report, you can select Send Position to send a one-off position report straight away.

Send Position confirmationSend Position confirmation

Send Position confirmation

Send Position may take some time to complete and will cost you 1 credit.

Send Alert

This will send an alert from your device, and your first responders will be notified according to your settings specified in the YBlog or Core.

Sent Alert confirmationSent Alert confirmation

Sent Alert confirmation

All Alerts (and an Alert Cancel) will cost you 1 credit.

Change PIN

If you would like to change the PIN number of your device, you can do so in this menu. If you're having trouble unlocking your device or you've forgotten your PIN:

Rock Seven users please contact [email protected]
YB Tracking users please contact [email protected]

Firmware Update

Sometimes there is new software available for your device. This function checks if an update is available, and allows you to install it. Note, both your tracker and your phone/tablet must have over 40% battery to start this process, and you must stay nearby your device until it has completed - the process can take up to 20 minutes.

Firmware UpdateFirmware Update

Firmware Update


If you have a GPRS capable device, the GPRS details will be shown in this menu. If you are using on of our Emnify SIMs, then the APN will always be 'em'. If you are using your own SIM, you will need to find the APN for this.

Any data being displayed in the CORE will need to have the Primary Address set to '' and the Primary Port set to '4445'. If displaying in your own servers, please update these as appropriate.





Your SIM's ICCID will be displayed next to the SIM menu item.


Provides a snapshot of the NMEA communications. Applicable to YB3i/RockFLEET with the NMEA option.

Automatic Disconnection

The CONNECT app will automatically disconnect from your device after a period of inactivity. This is to allow others to use your device. Multiple people can have their own app accounts while sharing a single device. Only one person can have their app connected to the device at any one time.

Automatic DisconnectionAutomatic Disconnection

Automatic Disconnection

If you wish, you can manually disconnect by pressing Disconnect from Device from the My Device menu. If you don't want your your Tracker/App to automatically disconnect, change the app's behaviour to Keep Connected

Cancel Alerts

Select Cancel Alerts to cancel any alerts sent out either manually or automatically by a device. First responders will be notified with an Alert Cancel.

Forget Device

If you wish to connect to a different device, select Forget Device to return to the initial device connection screen.

Forget DeviceForget Device

Forget Device

Reset App

If you are having any trouble, you can return your app to its factory settings by selecting Reset App. Generally you would only ever use this option if advised by a support engineer.

Reset AppReset App

Reset App