Operating Modes

The table below describes the basic operating modes for the RockFLEET tracker.

ON (Powered/Charging)Externally Powered (8-32v DC)
ON (Un-powered/Discharging)Powered by an internal battery (when external power lost/disconnected)
OFFFollowing the loss of external power and depletion of the internal battery.
Storage/Shipping ModeYou will receive the tracker in Storage Mode. Connect external power to wake it up.

While the tracker is ON it will behave per its current/most recent configuration.

Configuring RockFLEET

You can send configuration changes over-the-air from the CORE .
You can connect to your tracker via Bluetooth using the CONNECT app (available for iOS and Android mobile devices).

LED Behaviour and Mode Indication

The colour and state of the RockFLEET's LED indicate the current power mode setting and status of external power.


LED Behaviour Change - October 2021

Firmware v03.04.29 changed RockFLEET LED behaviour.

Legacy behaviour is described below, however, we recommend keeping your tracker up to date.

Power SourcePower ModeLED ColourLED Flash
ExternalUnlimted*GREENFlash every 1 second
ExternalLimitedGREENFlash every 5 seconds during TX
ExternalAuto SelectGREENFlash every 1 second
InternalUnlimited*REDFlash every 1 second
InternalLimitedREDFlash every 5 seconds during TX
InternalAuto SelectREDFlash every 5 seconds

*NOTE: Unlimited includes the 'Unlimited+Activation' power mode option.

Legacy LED Behaviour 1 (PRE v03.04.29)

When the tracker is configured with Power Mode: Unlimited the LED mode indication is maintained continuously.

When the tracker is configured with Power Mode: Limited the LED mode indication is only displayed during the formation of a data packet and its transmission. After this LED indication will be terminated.

LED characteristicMeaning
Colour: REDPower Mode: Limited
Colour: GREENPower Mode: Unlimited
State: SOLID8-32v DC external power connected
State: FLASHING8-32v DC external power not connected

Legacy LED Behaviour 2 (PRE v03.04.13)

For devices running older firmware the LED behaviour characteristics are as follows:

LED characteristicMeaning
GREEN intermittent flash (every 10 sec)ON, external power connected
RED intermittent flash (every 10 sec)ON, external power not connected