Credits and Line Rental

In the Credits and Line Rental window the following information is displayed:


YBlog - Credits and Line Rental

Here you can purchase Credits and Line Rental to keep your YB3/YB3i active on the network.

Automatic Top-Ups

Don't have access to the internet? Automatic Top-Ups allows you to automatically add a bundle of credits to your account when you're low. This option is set to Disabled as default.

Automatic Top-Up Option

Selecting a credit bundle size will set how many credits are automatically purchased when your account Tops-Up.

30 Day Maximum Spend

This option sets a limit on the amount spent by the Auto Top-Up feature over any 30-day period. This prevents your account from running out multiple times in a 30-day period and purchasing more credits than you have budgeted for.

Automatic Top-Up Threshold

Once your account’s credits are reduced to this number, the Auto Top-Up feature will add the the credit amount specified here. If the purchase takes you over the 30-Day Maximum Spend then the transaction will not take place.

Purchase Line Rental/Credits

This section of the page allows you to purchase Line Rental in 30-day chunks from the current date onwards. If you have active Line Rental already then it will extend the current line rental by 30 days. Once an amount of 1 or greater has been placed in to the box, the updated end date of your line rental will be displayed.

A one-off credit bundle purchase can be made in the Credit Pack dropdown list. Once a credit bundle has been selected, you'll see the total number of credits on the account.

Press purchase to confirm either your Line Rental/Credit purchase.

Line rental cannot be automatically renewed, but must be done manually through this admin area. It's therefore important to ensure you buy enough line rental to last the duration of your trip, plus any contingency. If your line rental runs out, your tracker will stop transmitting data.