Message Centre

The Message Centre allows HQ to:

  • Compose a new message from your device to another device in the same Group.
  • View messages sent from/to devices in a Group.
  • View messages sent through a device.

Manage Messages in the Message Centre



Messages send from devices are called MO (Mobile Originated), while messages sent to devices are called MT (Mobile Terminated).

Compose a Message in the Core

You can compose a new message to one, all or selected devices in your group. The counter underneath the message window informs users the number of characters left in the message.


Message Centre - New Message

Should an acknowledgement be required from the field, you can tick the Ack Required? box.

Search Messages

All messages are stored on the Core and can be accessed for future reference. Messages originated from a device in your group are listed here.


Message Centre - Search and Compose messages

Select the date on each of the drop-down calendars and press Done.


Select message dates and press 'Done'

After selecting dates, press the Filter button and a list of messages from all devices will be listed.


Message List - Filtered by date

Each entry includes the following message information:

  • Source - Source of MO messages
  • Date/Time (UTC) - Timestamp of messages
  • Message - The text message itself
  • Credit Cost - Cost of transmission, in credits
  • Acknowledged? (UTC) - The time acknowledged, if applicable



The same exactly methodology applies for messages To and Through a Device.