The RockSTAR / YB3 integrated menu system allows for a full range of messaging options like Preset/Freetext messaging and basic contact management. For more information on how to use the RockCONNECT or YB Connect apps to exchange messages, visit the CONNECT App chapter for more information.

New Message

From this menu you can choose to send a new message to:

  • A single contact - A contact stored on your device.
  • Preset Group - A preset group of First Responders.


Preset Groups, Contacts and Messages

Preset Groups, contacts and messages can be defined using either your YBlog (individual customers) or Core management system (corporate customers).

Send a preset message

Opens a list of Preset Messages to send. Select the preset message of your choice and press OK. You are then directed to the message confirmation screen.

Write a freetext message

You can also send freetext messages using a ‘pinball style’ on-screen keyboard. To do this, go into Messages\New Messages\Freetext. Use the left/right/up/down buttons to move around the keyboard, press OK to choose a letter/character.

When you have finished, choose GO for the message confirmation screen.



Freetext is NOT an efficient way to send long messages, and we would suggest either pairing with a smartphone/tablet using the CONNECT app or using preset messages where possible.


Alternate Language File

The 'ALT' key on the freetext keyboard switches to alternate characters if a language pack has been installed.
If no language pack is installed, the ALT key does nothing.

Message Confirmation Screen

At the message confirmation screen you can select:

  • Cancel - cancel your Freetext message. You'll be returned back to the New Message menu
  • Send - send your message
  • Send/Confirmation - send your message and request a confirmation that it has been acknowledged

Any messages you send from your device to an endpoint (email or SMS) originate from your device's unique email address. Conversely, people can send you a message or reply to an email that originates from your device. Messages received/sent from the device will be saved in Inbox/Sent messages respectively.

YB Tracking customers can find out more about send/receiving messages by visiting the Communicating via Email chapter of the YBlog manual.


Using the Up/Down keys, you can cycle through messages received on the device. To see the contents of a message, press the right arrow key.


Use either Mail Checking or Tracking Reports

Be aware that inbox checking uses up credits just like normal position reports. A normal tracking report also checks for new messages, so you DO NOT need both Tracking and Inbox Checking set to ON. You will use up twice as much credit if you do so.

Sent Items

Using the Up/Down keys, you can cycle through messages sent by the device. To see the contents of a message, press the Right key.


Here you can cycle through messages waiting in the queue to be sent. You can review these messages, and delete them from the outbox if you decide not to send them. From the outbox, you can also force an immediate retry of all messages waiting to be sent.


Mail Checking

If Automatic Tracking is turned off, you can check for incoming mail messages by setting Inbox Checking to ON and setting an Check Frequency. See here for more information on Mail Checking.

Contact List

Displays the contacts stored in your tracker's memory. Contacts can be either emails or mobile phone numbers.

New Contact

Opens the pinball keyboard so that users can enter a mobile phone number or email to save as a new contact. Names are not defined in the contacts created.

Add a contact to your device

From your device's main menu, go to Messages\Advanced\New Contact and type in the email or phone number of your contact. When you have finished, choose GO for the message confirmation screen and select Save (or Cancel). Your new contact has now been stored - you can add up to 99 contacts on your device.



No extended contact information can be added in contacts. Contacts can be either a mobile phone number or an email.

Remove All

This option clears all old messages from Inbox and Sent Items.