Viewing Position Data

View Current Position

To view the current position of your tracker(s), expand the group containing the tracker(s) of interest, and then click on the tracker name(s). Their names will turn bold, indicating that they have been selected - for instance Gulf Princess and Persian Bulk.


Select Devices

Each time a tracker is selected on the control panel, a marker pin will appear on the map. By clicking on the device name again, you can deselect it. You can also select/deselect more tracker in the same way.

Visual Position Data

In the Map Controls tab of the Tools Panel, you will notice the selected tracker(s) listed there.


Viewing Position Data

Now press the Show/Hide Tracks button. This will add a second Positions From: and Positions To: window underneath.

You can now see the position of your selected tracker(s) from and up to particular date. Positions starting from a particular date are entered on the left drop-down calendar. Positions up to a particular date are entered on the right drop-down calendar.


Enter the date you'd like to get tracking positions from/to and press "Done" each time.

You can move the range slider to the date of your choice and see the positions of your tracker(s) at that particular date. Pressing on the right/left arrow keys underneath the range slider will visualise the movement of your tracker(s) forwards/backwards in time.


A tracker's GPS fixes can be shown on the screen by selecting the Show/Hide position button.


Map Controls - Show/Hide Tracks

Position Data in Table Form

If you'd like to export your tracker's position data in table form, click on the cog next to its name and select Position Data.


Position Data menu

Set the date for each drop-down calendar, press Done for each date, then Filter to display the data.


Position Data Table View

Your device's position data table features the following information:

Time (UTC)Position timestamp
LatitudeLatitude of the position
LongitudeLongitude of the position
MGRSMilitary Grid Reference System
OS GridOrdnance Survey Coordinates
SOGSpeed over ground (mph)
COGCourse over ground (degrees)
AltitudeAltitude of position (m above sea level)
Ext. PowerExternal power at time of transmission
BatteryBattery percentage at time of transmission
SourceSource of transmission coordinates (GPS or Iridium)
CEPCircular error probability (km)
TemperatureTemperature at time of transmission
ReasonReason for particular transmission
GPS PDOPGPS Geometric Dilution of Precision
Nav ModeType of GPS position acquired

On top right of the table is a Download As button that allows you to export data in the following forms.

Excel SpreadsheetMicrosoft Excel XLS spreadsheet.
KML FileKeyhole Markup Language files
GPX FileGPS eXchange Format file
CSV FileFile with comma separated values