Physical and Environmental Properties

Physical Properties

Unit on ownWith Quick Release ClipWith External Antennae
Dimensions W/L/H (mm)100 x 119 x 25106 x 119 x 30100 x 127 x 25
Weight (grams)210+22g+15g

RockAIR Schematic

Environmental Properties

Storage Temperature-40 to +85 deg C
Operating Temperature-30 to +60 deg C
Operating Environment< 75% Relative Humidity


The RockAIR is both CE and FCC compliant, signifying that it adheres to the necessary health, safety, and environmental guidelines for distribution within the European Union and the United States. The CE certification confirms alignment with European standards, while the FCC certification establishes compliance with American regulations concerning electromagnetic interference and radiofrequency devices.


Avionics Testing

The RockAIR has been thoroughly tested according to RTCA/DO-160 F & G standards, ensuring its safety, reliability, and compatibility under various environmental conditions and with other onboard systems.

RTCA/DO-160 F (December 6, 2007).

Section 15 Magnetic Effect
Section 21.4 Conducted Emission of Radio
Frequency Energy Section 21.5 Radiated Emission of Radio Frequency

RTCA/DO-160 G (December 8, 2010)

Section 7.2.1 Operational Shock
Section 7.3.1 Impulse Shock
Section 7.3.3 Sustained Shock
Section 8.8.1 Vibration
Section 17 Voltage Spike
Section 26 Flammability