Key Functionality

Position tracking

The device will automatically report your position at a preset time interval (e.g. every 15 minutes).

Basic Messaging

Using the keypad and screen, you can choose from hundreds of preset messages to send to endpoints such as mobile phones, e-mail addresses and servers.

Advanced Messaging

Connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to send freetext messages faster.


Press the Alert button on the device and your preset message and location will be immediately transmitted to your nominated first-responders.

Advanced Alerting

Countdown timers, proximity alarms and other types of alerts are available.

Waypointing (CORE only)

Whilst out in the field, you can use the device to mark key points on the map. They'll be available when you log into to the Core.

Encryption (Corporate Models only)

All data to and from the unit can be encrypted up to AES-256 standards.

Multi-Language Support

The unit can be switched between languages from the menu system.

Manage your fleet

Multiple RockSTAR units can be viewed and managed from a single account in the Core. Multiple Sub-accounts can also be managed from the Core.

No annual contracts

Simply pay 'per month, per device'. If you aren't using a particular device for a month or more, you don't need to pay any monthly fee.