Power and Communications


The RockAIR is designed to be attached to mains power. If you are powering the RockAIR using the micro-USB cable, it is important to use a reputable USB adaptor which can provide at least 1.3A @ 5V DC.

The RockAIR also features an internal rechargeable battery that's used should external power be lost. Battery life depends on how it's configured (Report Frequency, GPS modes etc.).


Fully charge your battery before use.

The internal battery will recharge whenever the RockAIR is connected to either USB power or other external power source.

Input Voltage8-32V DC input or 5V Micro-USB input, built-in backup battery.
Power Consumption5V Power Supply:
1100mA Max Consumption when battery is discharged
410mA Max Consumption when battery is charged

12V Power Supply:
650mA Max Consumption when battery is discharged.
230mA Max consumption when battery is charged
Backup Battery3.7V Li-Ion Polymer 6.85Wh / 1850mAh
Backup Power8 Hours / 1 minute Iridium Transmission


RockAIR units are also equipped with GSM, which may or may not be enabled subject to your monthly tariff (ask your account manager if you are unsure).

If GSM is enabled, the RockAIR will try to transmit over the cellular network first, and over Iridium if that fails. GSM transmissions are significantly cheaper than satellite based transmissions, and should you be spending time in GSM coverage areas, this feature will lower running costs.

The RockAIR can also transmit at different rates when having GSM coverage versus in satellite-only (e.g. faster in cellular areas, more slowly when transmitting over Iridium). See Power Options and GPS Settings for more information.