Operating Modes


While both the RockAIR and its Bluetooth connection are active, the Power and Bluetooth LED's will be on. When turned on, the device will send position reports and messages as per its current settings.

The RockAIR can send tracking information at different rates, depending on its connection status. These settings are controlled using Profiles. Each profile allows you to set a tracking rate, and also a ‘burst mode’ tracking rate.

From the RockCONNECT app, go to Configure \ Tracking and select from the available profiles to change their parameters.

Profile NameDescription
Cellular ContextUsed when the RockAIR has cellular coverage, and the cellular mode is set to 'GPRS Preferred' or 'GPRS Always'
Satellite ContextUsed when the RockAIR does not have cellular coverage, and/or the cellular mode is set to 'Never'.
Distress ContextUsed when the alert button has been pressed on the RockAIR and the unit is in 'alert mode'.
ActivitySenseUsed to turn on Activity Sense mode and define the Bump Threshold.
AdvancedAuto Resume is used to resume tracking after a user defined distance (in km) has been covered.


When the RockAIR is deactivated, all radios are turned off, including Bluetooth. In this mode, the device will not transmit or receive any position reports or messages.

USB Mode


USB Mounting Mode

Your tracker must be switched off/deactivated before following the mounting instructions.

  • Press and hold the YELLOW Monitor and BLUE Mark buttons until all LEDs light up, then release the buttons.
  • Press the BLUE Mark button once.
  • You should now see the GREEN+RED button LEDs alternately flashing with the YELLOW+BLUE button LEDS. This indicates that the tracker is ready to mount.
  • You can now connect your RockAIR to a PC using the USB cable, and your SD card will be shown as an externally mounted drive.
  • To disconnect the RockAIR, use your computer system menus to eject the mounted drive first.