The CONNECT apps are designed to be used with RockSTAR / YB3, RockFLEET Mk3 / YB3i and RockAIR devices.

  • Ground Control users will need to download the RockCONNECT app to control their devices.
  • YB Tracking users will need to download the YB Connect app to control their devices.

The RockCONNECT and YB Connect apps are (almost) identical in their menu system and will be referenced together as the CONNECT app. You can find both RockCONNECT and YB Connect in the Apple and Google Play Stores.

The CONNECT apps allow you to:

  • Configure your device’s settings
  • Receive messages, send short emails and SMSs


Check your hardware date.

The CONNECT apps will only work with devices sold after October 2014.

The CONNECT apps use a Bluetooth LE connection to talk with devices - some earlier revisions of Rock Seven / YB Tracking devices do not have Bluetooth LE, and will therefore not work with these apps.