The Tools Panel

The Tools Panel is situated on the top-right hand side of the Core interface. If not visible, the Tools Panel can be accessed by pressing on the Tools Panel that takes its place, when the panel is minimised. The Tools Panel is made up the following tabs.

  • Alerts
  • Position Insight
  • Map Controls
  • Geo Objects


Information alerts are shown in the Alerts Tab.


The Tools Panel - Alerts

Alerts are displayed on your Alerts Tab due to a variety of reasons that include:

  • An emergency alert sent from a tracker in the field.
  • A low battery alert from the tracker.
  • The detection of a late transmission. Late transmissions may be the result of a poor/no connection or due to Line Rental/Credit issues.

Position Insight

The Position Insight tab includes the following device information:

  • Last Transmission Date/Time (UTC)
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Heading and Speed
  • Altitude and Temperature
  • Battery Percentage
  • Source: The Source of your messages will be either GPS or Iridium.
  • Reason: The reason for this GPS fix might be a Routine/Manual Position or an Alert or Timer Alert, etc.

The Tools Panel - Position Insight


A transmitted position will be accurate only when the message source is a GPS. When the source is Iridium, the position can't be considered accurate.

The Insight Toolbox is located at the bottom of the Position Insight window. From left to right:


The Position Insight toolbox

  • Hide Tracker - Remove the tracker pin from the map.
  • Zoom - Zoom the map to the precise location centred on the device.
  • Tracker Messaging - Go to the message centre.
  • Event Log - Show the event log for this device. The event log shows key history for the device, including geofence activity, alerts, configuration changes and other useful information.
  • Mark Position Invalid - Marks the selected device's position invalid.
  • Delete Position - Deletes the selected device's position.
  • Change Colour - Changes the colour of your device's pin to differentiate it from others on the map.
  • Copy - Copies device's position insight into the clipboard.

Position insight will vary, depending on the type of data available from each device. For instance, unlike South Coast, Cargo Princess 2 offers the position insight shown below.


The Tools Panel - Standard Position Insight


The Tools Panel - Minimal Position Insight

Notice that Cargo Princess 2 hasn't transmitted Battery/Source/Reason data and doesn't have any messages to search.

Map Controls

The Map Controls tab visualises information about your tracker(s) on the Core's map.

Select the tracker(s) you would like information about and go to the Map Controls tab - the devices will be listed there.

The Map Controls Toolbox allows you to change some of your visualisation parameters. From left to right:


Tools Panel - Map Controls

  • Icon Size - You can toggle between small and large pins on the map when pressing this button.
  • Show/Hide Labels -Shows/hides the tracker names.
  • Show/Hide Tracks - Displays tracker history on the map.
  • Map Control - Shows / Hides tracker's GPS fixes.


To show a list of the Geo Objects associated with your account, click on the cog next to your account and select Show Geo Objects


Geofencing - Show Geo Objects

Some Geo Objects may be unique to your tracker(s) or group(s) of trackers. Before you start naming Geo Objects, we recommend designing a naming system that will allow you to display them easily.

For instance, the Gulf Princess has a number of geo objects associated with it. Once the general list of geo objects is shown in the Geo Objects tab of the Tools Panel, you can search for Gulf Princess. This will narrow down your results to geo objects pertaining only to the Gulf Princess.


Show Gulf Princess Geo Objects

For more information on creating geo objects, see Geofencing Basics as well as our Geofencing Example - Gulf Princess.