If your device isn’t communicating/sending position reports, please follow the following checklist before contacting customer support.

1. Is your device active on the network?

  • Our devices have two running costs; Line Rental and Credits. Make sure your account has a positive credit balance and current line rental period.
  • When you first add line rental and credits and activation request will be sent to the network. It usually takes around 10 minutes for your activation request to process.

More information:
CORE User see: Line Rental and Credits
YBlog User see: Line Rental and Credits

2. Is your device connected to external power?

If applicable, check that your tracker is connected to power. Blown fuses and broken connections are among the most common causes of tracker problems.

More information:
Is it connected properly? - Wiring
What do these lights mean? - LED Behaviour

3. Does your device have a Clear Line of Sight to the sky?

Your tracker is designed to work outside. If you are inside a building then the tracker will not work reliably, if at all. You may find it sometimes works from a windowsill inside a building, but this is not advisable and results will be highly inconsistent.

The best line of sight available in satellite terms means you can see horizon-to-horizon 360 degrees around the tracker. If you are in a built-up area, near buildings or trees then the tracker's view of the sky is diminished. This may result in longer transmission times or failure to send/receive data. Don't forget that your body is an excellent shield too, try not to stand over the tracker while troubleshooting!

  • We recommend that trackers are installed at least 30cm/12 inches away from other antennas and devices.
  • If you have a particularly powerful antenna nearby (eg VHF), try moving the tracker further away, or turning off the other device while troubleshooting.

4. Is it visible in the CONNECT app (via Bluetooth)?

  • Load up the CONNECT app to see if the device is transmitting over Bluetooth.
  • If you can connect to the device, check that it is set up correctly with the expected Tracking configuration.
  • Try sending a 'Manual Position Report' from the app.

5. Hard reset your tracker


If the steps above haven't helped we recommend a hard reset.

Locate the small magnet provided with the device, place it on the flat edge of the tracker and slowly slide the magnet along the side of the tracker.

You should hear a soft 'click' indicating that the reset switch has been triggered.


Slide a magnet along the side of the tracker to hard reset.