Setting Up Your Billing Details

Billing & Finance

The first time you log in, you will need to tell us about yourself. Click on the cog next to your account name and select the Billing & Finance menu.


Billing and Finance Menu

Click Billing Settings and complete the form. This information is important for future billing transactions. Ensure you complete the Area of Use field correctly. If you are based in the EU, please choose European Union and if you have a TAX/IVA number, enter it in the box provided.


Billing Information


Fill in your billing details first

In order to add line rental and credits, your billing details must be filled in.




Credits and line rental bought online via the Contract Status menu will be shown in the Invoices tab as shown above.


Invoicing Information

Line Rental and Credits are either invoiced in GBP or USD (for postpaid tariffs for large volumes of units). Pay-as-you go will always be invoiced in GBP.

Attached Card


Update Card Details

Rock Seven doesn't save your credit card details on our server. Instead, we use Stripe to process your online payments. The first time you use the Core, you won't have a credit card attached to our system. You will be asked to use one when adding line rental/credits and your credit card information will be saved. Following this, you can amend your credit card details in the Attached Card tab.

Contract Status


Contract Status Menu

Contract Details shown in this window are:

  • The current line rental status
  • A list of all your trackers, both active and expired
  • Your account's available credits

Contract Details

Automatic Credit Top-ups

If you would like to automatically top-up your account's credits so that you never run out, you can do so by enabling the automatic Top-Ups option.


Line rental costs for Iridium and GPRS

Monthly line rental costs 17 GBP/Month, but if your device is equipped with an optional (and active) SIM card to send/receive GPRS data, your line rental cost will be 27 GBP/Month.

This extra 10 GBP/Month flat rate covers all GPRS data.

Should you not want to use GPRS any more, let us know so that we can disable it and return your line rental fee to the lower rate.