Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the box?

With each RockSTAR unit you will receive

  • The RockSTAR unit
  • A multi-country USB charger
  • 0.3m USB cable
  • Quick Start Card

Can the RockSTAR send e-mail or SMS messages?

Yes, you can use the device to send/receive short messages - either using the device itself, with preset messages, or by linking with an iPhone/iPad/Android device to send custom messages

Messages sent from the device itself are always sent to the group of people you nominate in the management system - i.e. any message will be sent to all configured responders, you can't choose a specific person

Messages sent via the Bluetooth link (using the Messenger app) can be sent to any destination, either e-mail address or cell/mobile phone number

In all cases, people can reply to those messages, via e-mail or SMS, and the messages will come back to either the device or the Messenger app respectively.

Is it possible to know the current signal strength of the connection between the RockSTAR and the satellite?

No. The tracker doesn't continuously monitor the connection between itself and the satellite, like a cellular phone does. The RockSTAR only knows if the connection is good when a transmission has been successful.

Does the unit work indoors?

As with all satellite-based devices, the better view of the sky the unit has, the better it will perform.

RockSTAR units use two sets of satellites - GPS satellites in order to get a position fix, and Iridium satellites to transmit that position back to base. The GPS signal is weaker than the Iridium signal

Typically, if the RockSTAR is near to a window inside then it may be able to obtain a GPS fix and transmit, although it will take longer than normal, and will therefore use more battery power.

If the unit is deep inside a building then it is unlikely to be able to get a fix or transmit very well, and will therefore use up a lot of battery quite quickly. However, we have had devices transmit successfully from inside caves, fridges, under the seats of cars etc... it is possible, just not guaranteed, and not as reliable as usual.

As a rule, the better view of the sky you can provide for the RockSTAR, the better it will perform, and the longer the battery will last.


RockSTAR units and YB units are both manufactured by Rock Seven, and they are identical in terms of hardware.

The difference is in the management system access of the Core which you get as part of the RockSTAR package.

RockSTAR, and the accompanying management system, are designed for corporate, government and fleet use - i.e. you have multiple units, and want to manage them all from the same screen, behind a secure login.

YBs come with a cut-down 'blog' which can display one tracker at a time and is ideal for individual adventurers or expeditions, but not for fleets of units.

In short, if you are looking for a fleet of devices then the RockSTAR is the correct choice. If you are looking for a single tracker for personal use, or you are looking to rent units for a short period of time, YB would be the correct choice

Is it possible to find out the MAC Address of the RockSTAR if I know its serial name?

Unfortunately, this is not possible!

My RockSTAR isn't recognised as a USB device when I plug it to the computer.

To access the RockSTAR's internal drive, the device needs to be put in a special USB mode. Press "OK" to access the RockSTAR's Main Menu, then go to Advanced \ Connect USB and press "OK" again. You can now connect the RockSTAR to your computer just like any other USB drive. Copy and paste the preset message file or firmware update into the root directory, and you're all set. Don't forget to safely eject the RockSTAR when you're finished.

If putting the RockSTAR in USB mode doesn't solve your connectivity issue, it may be possible that your USB port is corroded due to exposure. In this case, contact customer support.