Receive Data

Receive hex-encoded data on your remote platform via Serial

Check out the PUSH API docs for more information about sending data to your remote serial application

Serial CommandFunction
R7+RH Returns MT message with an Inbound MessageID the Payload
R7+D= Deletes MT message with specified Inbound MessageID


This command checks for messages waiting and displays the oldest message received.

The response includes an Inbound MessageID, followed by the hex payload contained in the message.

If no messages are available, it will simply return OK.

/* Read oldest message */


/* Receive response */

<Inbound MessageID>,<Payload>\r


This command will delete a specified message.
Deleting the oldest message will make a subsequent R7+RH return the next available message.

/* Delete oldest message */

R7+D=<Inbound MessageID>\r