Social Media

In the Social Media window the following information is displayed:



Due to Facebook's GDPR Policy, Facebook connectivity has been suspended until the YB Connect app is re-approved. We will notify our customers as soon as we have further information.


YBlog - Social Media

You can link up your Twitter and Facebook accounts to post updates directly - for free!

Twitter and Facebook Authorisation

To add a Twitter or Facebook account, click the Authorise Twitter or Authorise Facebook button. This will allow your YBlog to tweet your YBlog posts to your Twitter account. YBlog will post to your Facebook wall or to a group that you are the owner of - just select where from the Post To dropdown menu.

Deauthorising an account

To Deauthorise the account, click the Deauthorise Twitter or Deauthorise Facebook button. This will unassociate your YBlog with your social media account