Settings Menu

Screen Idle

Sets number of seconds before the RockSTAR's OLED screen times out.


Save Battery!

Setting the shortest screen timeout of 10 seconds will significantly prolong your device's battery life.

Screen Lock

You must first enter the current PIN number for the device to access this menu.The default RockSTAR PIN is 1234.

After accessing his menu you can turn the screen lock on/off and set a PIN code to access the device. When this option is turned on, you must enter a PIN code to be able to access the menu system.

A PIN code is entered digit by digit, by pressing UP/DOWN keys to choose the number, and OK to move to the next digit.

Early Wakeup (GPS Wakeup time)

By default, RockSTAR will wake up 20 seconds before transmitting a Position Report, so that a GPS fix can be established. Early Wakeup time options range from 20 seconds to four minutes, increasing the time decreases your unit's battery life.

For more information about GPS Options see here.

Screen Brightness

By default the screen is set to 50% brightness. This option allows you to change the screen brightness for better viewing in bright sunlight. Increasing the RockSTAR's screen brightness will decrease battery life.


This setting will change the language of the device from the default English. Other languages must have been previously installed.

Send Config Report

This menu option will prompt the RockAIR to send a configuration report detailing its current setup to our systems for support purposes. Your device will automatically do this every time it is activated, so you only really need to use this option unless asked to by a support engineer.