On-Screen Menu (PRE FW 03.14.00)

Menu guidance for trackers running FW pre-03.14.00

The RockSTAR / YB3 handheld tracker is equipped with a screen and keypad which allows the user to access and interact with all direct-to-device messaging features, tracker configuration, alert functions and other more advanced tracker settings.

The menu is navigated using the OK, UP, DOWN and LEFT keys. Text input section screens will also utilise the RIGHT key, but this is not used for menu navigation.

From the home screen of an active device, press the OK key to enter the main menu. Navigate up and down the menu options using the UP and DOWN keys, press OK to enter a sub-menu or select an option. Pressing LEFT once will go back one step in the menu, pressing left repeatedly will continue to go back through the menu all the way to the home screen.


Updates to Menu Structure

If your tracker is running Firmware 03.14.00+ (Released July 2023) then the menu structure has been updated.