Battery Life Expectations

Your RockFLEET is designed to be run on mains power most of the time. However, it has an internal backup battery which will be used in the absence of external power. These battery life predictions assume the following:

  • GPS Early Wakeup set to 20 seconds.
  • External Power set to Limited.
5 minutes900753-
15 minutes85021091.2
30 minutes700350142
1 hour600600253.5
4 hour55022009012.8
8 hour500400016523.5

As with all portable battery powered devices, battery life can be significantly shortened by extreme temperatures and some usage patterns. Key factors which will shorten the number of transmissions possible on a battery charge are:

  • External Power set to Unlimted - more info located in Power Options
  • Use of GPS Hot Mode, Burst Mode and Early Wakeup time.
  • Poor positioning, so poor view of the sky (most likely!)