USB Mode and Internal Storage

Update firmware, retrieve GPS and System log files, update the contact list and edit preset messages

It is sometimes necessary to access the internal storage of your RockSTAR to:

  • Manually install Firmware files
  • Retrieve GPS logs
  • Retrieve internal system logs
  • Update Preset Messages
  • Update the Contact List

USB Mounting

  1. From the RockSTAR's main menu, go to Advanced \ Connect USB. In some previous generation trackers, the menu option was called "PC Connect" (in case you can't find the "USB Mode" menu option).

  2. Connect the USB cable first to the RockSTAR and then to your computer. Your RockSTAR's internal MSD drive is now accessible. You can copy/paste files just like with any other drive.

  3. When finished, don't forget to Eject/Safely remove the device from your computer before unplugging the USB cable.

Update Firmware

Updating Firmware is usually done via Bluetooth connection using the RockCONNECT app but it is possible to drop new firmware files directly onto the internal storage as well.
Follow the mounting instructions above and place the firmware files onto the tracker's internal storage.

Firmware installation will begin immediately after the device is ejected from your computer.


More info coming soon...

System Log

More info coming soon...

Contact List

More info coming soon...

Preset Messages

It is possible to adjust the Preset Messages which come pre-loaded on your device. This is a fairly simple operation, but requires you to download an example file from the internet, and then edit it using a basic text editor (like Notepad).

To change the preset messages:

  1. Download the file from and save it on your computer
  2. Open the file using a plain text editor, such as Notepad
$xx:xx:xx Preset message file$
<Not sure><><>
<See you soon><><>
<All fine><><>
<Please ask direct question, can only answer with short messages><><>
<No problem><><>
<Heading home><><>
<In danger, please monitor closely><><>
<Please confirm><><>
<Everything working ok?><><>
<Require Help><><>
<Require Medical Assistance><><>
<Require evacuation><><>
  1. Only edit the text inside the first set of <> chevron brackets on each row.
  2. Save the edited file as 'PRESET.txt'
  3. Put your RockSTAR in USB Mode
  4. Drag the newly edited PRESET.txt file from your computer to the USB drive
  5. Eject/Safely Remove the USB drive (in the standard way for Mac/ Windows)
  6. Unplug the USB cable from the tracker
  7. You should now be able to go to Messages / New Message and see your own list of preset messages.



  • To avoid excess data charges, try to keep preset messages short and concise. You can have up to 100 messages in your preset message file.
  • Only use standard characters (e.g. a-z and 0-9), rather than characters with accents or other symbols.