Operating Modes


When the RockSTAR is deactivated, the OLED display will show the date on the top left and the current battery percentage on the top right. ‘NOT ACTIVE’ is displayed on the centre of the display.

In this mode, the Device will not transmit or receive any position reports or messages. This is the equivalent of ‘Flight Mode’ and suitable for transport.

To activate the device, press and hold down the "OK" button.


When Activated, the RockSTAR will show the logo on the home screen. The display will automatically turn itself off after a predefined interval (default is 20 seconds) in order to save battery power. To wake up the screen, simply press any key and the following information will be displayed:

  • In/Out – How many messages are waiting to be read, or are waiting to be sent
  • Battery power (% of battery remaining)
  • Status – what the tracker is currently doing
    • Status of Bluetooth (On/Off) - The Bluetooth symbol is displayed if Bluetooth is on.
    • Status of the GPS (On/Off) - A "G" is displayed if GPS is active.
    • Status of the Iridium Connect (Active/Inactive) - An "I" is displayed if an Iridium connection is active.

With Tracking set to On, the RockSTAR will automatically send position reports and send/receive messages as per its current settings.

With Tracking set to Off, the RockSTAR will only send position reports and send/receive messages manually.

Pressing the UP or DOWN button while at the home screen will also display the details of the last position report.

Accessing the menu

To access the menu, press the OK button. Navigate through the options using the UP and DOWN buttons, and press OK to select an item.



The menu can only be accessed when the device is activated.